Fat, short, ugly. Appearance Matters.

I just read a post on some guy’s blog on appearances, how we place too much value on it and it’s not right etc, etc. and that it we shouldn’t think that much about it. The link to his blog has since died.

It got me thinking about why appearance matters. I was thinking about why so many people found value in it, when it’s supposed to be simply superficial and shallow. One thing that really got me was when the word money popped into my mind, out of the blue.

I am pretty much anti-capitalist, and am a fan of friendly barter. But without money, how can one survive in this present economy? Physically, money is just a piece of quality paper. The thing is, we place value on money because everyone else places value on it. If no one cared about it, money would be valueless, except when in desperate need for something to write on. So appearance matters because we have an unstated/implicit rule or agreement that it does.

It’s just mankind’s way of saying, “Appearance gives me satisfaction, and that satisfaction should be worth something more than feelings. It should add value to a person who possesses it.” And thus, it does.

So if everyone places a value on appearances, does it not mean that appearances are more than just shallow and superficial, and might actually have tangible value? If money has value, appearances should have it too, simply because everyone values it.

So can we say that it doesn’t matter anymore?

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  1. Money isn’t about others agreeing that their is value. It’s about gov’t decreeing that it has value. Therefore people, believing that the gov’t is smarter than they, take heed. It’s like the gov’t demanding taxes when it does nothing to enable the taxed to earn money. Because there are precednets people follow. And looks matter because we’ve been taught to believe that they do. Stop looking at magazines wiht “pretty faces” in them for about two years and then check your opinions, and don’t contradict these statements until you ignore media for two years. You probably won’t do it just because you’re all a bunch of chicken shits afrraid of not having something to do so you do what’s most convenient and put in front of you by a bunch of pandering hollywood freaks who mess with your heads. Why dont’ you all just say “e-fucking-nough!” and choose to be free of all of these dependencies?

  2. “It’s like the gov’t demanding taxes when it does nothing to enable the taxed to earn money”

    I would like to beg to differ. I’ve travelled to various countries: Australia, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia etc, and haven’t come across a country I actually felt safe walking on the street alone at night.

    However, I do feel safe walking alone in Singapore. I do not know the amount of taxes other countries pay, but in Singapore we do pay quite a bit.

    Taxes go into building public infrastructure, including water utilities (for drinking water), transport, and security (police/military forces) etc.

    If I was thinking about investing in a country, or setting up a business, public infracture would matter quite a bit to me. I wouldn’t invest in a country if I believed that my property wouldn’t be safe there, nor if I felt that basic necessities like water or transport weren’t up to standard. Taxes are necessary, but to what extent differs from country to country.

    “And looks matter because we’ve been taught to believe that they do.”

    Compare the expression or reaction a baby has when he sees your face as it is, and when you wear a scary mask. Children can instinctively tell what is “beautiful” and what isn’t. I do not believe that they had to be taught that beauty mattered.

  3. goodlooking people make more money, thats a fact. Why? because they have the confidence. ugly people can do so too, but when you are not the centre of attention, you have to work hard to get that with good result.

    I am an above average good looking guy, I tend to get babies with big eyes looking at me all the time, baby girls will even flirt at me, this tend to be a hobby now when I saw kids, counting how many will look at me. fun and flattering.

    for me I prefer to say beautiful people has more chance of winning than plain looking person, this is also a skill of survival. things beautiful people can o ugly can’t, in society ofcourse.

    You might not believe this but before I check in the airport and my lugage is overweight, I will go into bathroom wear my suit and gel my hair, flirt with the attendance(has to be female ofcourse), smile keep eye contact and relax, I do mostly get through and my friends don’t. I feel like a gigolo but hey, winning is everything.

  4. Beauty matters. Compare the impaired and capable people with the ugly and beautiful. It is a gift given by God indiscriminately or may be based on some rule that we are unable to comprehend. May the souls in the ugly bodies are sentenced to punishment.

  5. from a purely biological standpoint, beauty is nothing more than symmetry. A face and body with healthy, symmetrical features is indicative of healthy genes, immune systems, etc., etc. Beauty is healthy.

    1. it’s not just symmetry. Lots of beautiful people don’t have symmetrical faces. And while a symmetric face cannot be considered “ugly”, it doesn’t necessarily look “beautiful”, either. It could just look plain.
      I’m more with the theory that a beautiful face is simply more pleasing to the eye, not that it is of some indication of health, fertility or whatever..
      Besides symmetrical features, there are other things to take into account with attractiveness, like wide hips and a thin waist, in women, or wide shoulders and narrow hips, in men.

  6. You guys aren’t taking into account how attractive “ugly” people can get when they take effort in their looks (perfect skin, good shape, nice clothes)

    and also I like having sex with ugly girls.

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