An Apology

I thought I was over her for good;
My love is now no more! I cried.
An illusion though it was, for
My love for her had never died.

Something happened this very day,
Though what happened exactly is a blur;
I made sure I checked very well,
But Emode said, she isn’t here!

Like Iraq I was in shock and awe,
My last standing link to her was gone;
Though I must admit, I didn’t
Expect it to last this very long.

You see, I have been a bad bad
Boy, ignoring her birthdays and such;
I really didn’t know how to tell
Her, she meant to me so very much!

Like the moon I had written about,
Love appeared gone for a while;
But when she threatened to really leave,
For you, I screamed, I’d drink the river Nile!

I wrote, you may stop writing if you wish
— Obligation’s something I dislike;
Write me only if you want to
— I received no letters since that night.

She, a light (so very bright!),
Appeared a mere dim for a while.
Then she left, and I, bereft,
Am left with an upside-down smile.

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  1. This is a very well written peice and it holds so much truth to it. In life we tend to forget about the important things. We must ALWAYS remember that the little things we do or say mean alot.

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