Still Exhausted

I’m still feeling the after-effects of last week’s (and the week before’s) hectic work schedule. Still haven’t had the chance to really catch up on sleep, even during the last weekend (the fiancee and I had a trip to Malaysia on Saturday, for which we woke up early to avoid the jam; this was followed by the first of two 2XU Compression Runs on Sunday, a very decent 12km run that left me hurting like mad).

I’ll probably need a few days worth of sleep in order to fully recover — I’ve read before that the lethargy associated with chronic sleep deprivation will take more than a night or two of extreme sleep to recover from. I’m just hoping that these past two week’s isn’t really considered chronic, and that over the next few nights I’ll be able to get back to my usual 100%.

Work’s been letting up a little lately; finally managed to find some time to slow down. Still, I’ve got grand plans for improving the current business processes — you cannot believe how inefficient things are as they stand. The amount of automatable manual work that I’m currently doing is staggering.

The future looks promising.

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