On Passing Time, Driving, and Writing

After I stopped working at the end of last month, I’ve been spending most of my time in front of the television and on the computer playing Warcraft.

However, realising that there’s no better time to catch up on reading than now, in the last couple of days I’ve turned my attention to reading a book called The Elegant Universe, by Brian Greene. It is basically about Physics, or more precisely, String Theory.

This is the second book of Greene’s that I’m reading, the first being The Fabric of the Cosmos, which was actually published after The Elegant Universe. Both books have been great reads, and I highly recommend them to anyone even remotely interested in physics.

Other than television, Warcraft and reading, I’ve also been going out quite a bit, taking every opportunity I can find to drive.

Driving Drives Me Up the Wall

I find that I kinda suck at driving, and so I’ve been taking every opportunity to drive so that I might suck less (I’m banking on the saying that practice makes perfect, heh.)

I have two main issues with regards to my driving: parking, and slow traffic.

Parking: Try as I might, I just haven’t been able to park the car straight first time so far. This irks me tremendously, for parking is too basic a driving skill, too common a thing to do, to not master.

Slow traffic: my patience runs short painfully fast in traffic jams (just ask Zixuan, who was unfortunate enough to have been in the same car as me during slow traffic; I was more of a bitch then than Lassie ever was).

On Writing on eDonn.com

The above-mentioned activities don’t lead naturally to anything to write about. As such, edonn.com has been experiencing some rather barren spells in writing. I even resorted to quoting someone else just to update this site, which really is a last resort most of the time.

Well, I did actually have some pretty good material; but these, I decided, were not publishable, not because they were written badly, but simply because to publish them would have been insensitive, for they touched on inter-personal relationships of friends gone sour. In light of how the people involved were still trying to resolve it, I felt it best to leave that for later.

Let’s just say that the poem I wrote, Friends, Don’t be so Quick to Love was in response to that.

Until next time,

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  1. dude i will be converting my sg dollar to AUD soon. lemme noe if u can transfer me the dough for the thumby by next week cos rates for conversion are good for this period 🙂

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