Jo’s Birthday Party @ the Shanghai Dolly

The fiancee and I went to Josephine’s birthday party last Saturday, which was held at a cafe/bar called “Shanghai Dolly” (to someone who doesn’t go out much it seems to be quite a happening place), situated around the Clarke Quay area, right next to Liang Court.

Josephine had set a theme for this party, called “Old Shanghai vs. Urban Chic” (or something like that); and not being someone who takes much initiative in these sorts of things (probably because of my uber-pragmatic narrow-minded reluctance to spend on getting into theme), I was feeling a little stressed. Then again, maybe I just hadn’t gotten enough sleep.

Imagine the white scarf being toilet paper and you more or less got my outfit figured out.

(*QUEUE THE DREAMLIKE MUSIC* A long time ago back my brother was still a toddler, I remember my mom and/or dad always explaining away his crying with a “awwww, just tired/sleepy/hungry ar” as they rocked him to sleep — after months, maybe years, listening to this during my impressionable pre-teenage/teenage days, I’d since explained away all my bad moods with the same — my fiancee knows this only too well).

In the end, my outfit consisted of a black t-shirt, checkered pants I bought in Australia because it was cheap and looked ridiculous, a blazer, and some toilet paper. Yup, you read that right: toilet paper. It was the fiancee’s idea, no less. From far the toilet paper looks just like one of those long scarfs you see some mafia-looking people wearing in the old days over their blazers. The effect was quite spectacular, especially from far.

(Note that in the end though, I didn’t wear the toilet paper as all of Josephine’s relatives were dressed really, really well and I didn’t want to disrespect their effort; if this was Australia though, I’d probably have wore the toilet paper till it broke.)

The fiancee wore a checkered sweater/polo-T combi (and Christy asked, “did you just come back from playing Golf?”) as well as one of my mom’s pearl necklaces which she wore as a bracelet (which actually looked better as a bracelet than a necklace). And she wore a skirt. Yup,  a skirt. You cannot imagine how amazing this was to people who know her — almost as amazing as my getting together with her in the first place (I think Wei Hao almost died when he learnt of my interest in her).

The party consisted of a buffet dinner followed by some entertainment by Josephine’s relatives (singing + playing on the piano). The buffet spread was pretty good, with two notable mentions: mango pudding which only the birthday girl Josephine and her old schoolmates could taste; and Chicken in some sort of creamy gravy, which included salmon only the birthday girl Josephine and her old schoolmates could find).

After dinner we went to the bar area, which had helium-filled balloons scattered all over; these balloons provided us with endless entertainment throughout the night: we tied them together then untied them; held them down and released them; Caleb tied them to his butt, shoes, and later spectacles (we learnt that it takes approximately ten balloons to make them float); and Esther, who came later, inhaled some helium and talked in the funny helium voice.

Afterwards, we sat and drank and talked, took some photos — both polaroid and digital — and listened to people (in-house entertainment as well as Josephine’s relatives) sing and play the piano.

And finally, as a finale the cake (baked by relatives, taking TWO days) came out — beautifully done, and very interesting.

Yay to all! Will update with some photos whenever. 😉

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