Rushing to Wait

One of the things that my friends often complain about in SISPEC (my army camp) is that we are often rushed (to lessons, demonstrations etc.), only to have to wait while the instructors get themselves ready. “We rush to wait, and wait to rush”.

Then I came across a passage in the book The Sane Society, by Eric Fromm. He had this to say:

Alienated man is unhappy. Consumption of fun serves to repress the awareness of his unhappiness. He tries to save time, and yet he is eager to kill the time he has saved.

The ironies of life is quite funny. Often we do things without thinking much about why we do them, only to go round in circles in the end!

Haven’t had much time lately, stuck in camp, doing the things I wish I loved best.

I must say that the army has changed me quite a bit — the discipline I feel I have while in camp is commendable if I might say so myself. But one thing I noticed is that the discipline I have in camp all but disappears the moment I step out of it.

It is as I were two people, and which person I am depends on my surroundings. The feeling of freedom overwhelms me, causing me to do things I otherwise would not do.

It is as if I’m doing things not because I want to do them, but because I can

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