Clutter and its Discontents

The clutter in my room has been getting to me recently. I can hardly take a step without stepping on something that should really be put away. I don’t know, but somehow this clutter seems to be sapping away my energy.

I am sure many of you have read about or seen “zen” minimalistic approaches towards design, where less is more. Zen, as with many other branches of buddhism, places great emphasis on clarity of mind.

A room that is filled with clutter obviously fights against these principles; as within, so without — a cluttered internal (your mind) tends towards a cluttered external (your room or living/working area). In the very same way, a cluttered environment will often clutter a mind as well, leading to non-optimal thinking.

Look around you — feel that it’s cluttered? It’s time to do a little spring-cleaning!

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