Why I am increasing my donations during these crazy times

If I manage to live through these crazy times, what stories I will tell!

Covid-19. It’s made the world weird.

Shutting businesses.

Tanking stock markets.

Making sure you know damn well your job’s as secure as using 123 as your password.

Some context: I do regular investing through a regular savings plan via my bank.

I’ve got quite a bit of my networth tied up in equities.

Stocks are tanking.

Jobs are not secure.

I’m not feeling particularly good.

I’m a regular donor to Effective Altruism, Giving Well, and the Singapore Community Chest. I also sponsor a child through World Vision.

I was thinking: do I want to continue these donations? Should I not be saving more?

Then I stopped myself.

Damn. If I’m thinking of stopping donations, how many others around the world could well be thinking the same thing?

And if everybody thought like I did, and acted as I almost acted… this wasn’t good.

Charities now, more than ever, need our help.

If you’re able to, continue to give if you’ve already been giving. If you haven’t given, see if you can start.

I’m not saying don’t save yourself first. But if you’re like me, and are fortunate to have the ability to give, then give.

And if you can give more, give more.

For those unable to, stay strong.

This too, shall pass.

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