I am thankful I have it easy

Yes, sometimes I feel overwhelmed.

How could I not when I have to juggle kids while going 110% at work thanks to Covid-19? Who’d think a pandemic could complicate our lives this badly?

It doesn’t make it any easier that I also feel this invisible weight of fear for my own and my family’s health and safety. And it’s not just Covid-19 that’s on everybody’s minds, but also an outbreak of Hand-Foot-Mouth (HFM) at the kids’ preschool.

And yet I’m probably better of than the vast majority of people out there.

Reading what I have read in the news, and talking to people who have been directly impacted by Covid-19’s effects have made me aware of that.

I cannot imagine the pain of those displaced, far from their families, by lockdowns; the stress of the single parents who not only have to deal with where to place their kids while they work, but who may see their work disappear (if not already); and the anguish of those whose loved ones passed on alone because they were under quarantine.

Yes, compared to them, I have it easy.

Let us all be thankful if you, like me, have been largely left unscathed by the going-ons (relatively speaking of course; we all to varying degrees have been affected).

If you are in a position to help, and are thinking about how you might be able to help, there’s a list of charities battling Covid-19 that you can consider donating to.

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