Exceptional talent is about hard work

Saw an article by Entrepreneur.com on Facebook about a section in Robert Greene’s book, talking about how exceptional talent is about hard work:

He says that there is no such thing as being born into superior success. Rather, those politicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, athletes and artists who rise above the rest in their field, achieving what he calls a “high-level intuitive feel” for their specialty, have an unyielding focus and work ethic.

Image of Kangaroo wearing a crown
“I was born to be King.” – King Kangaroo

This makes me feel better about my lot in life, because it makes me think I am able to achieve far more than I have if I just wanted it enough. The problem is this: I’m not born with an inclination toward wanting anything enough for my achievements to amount to anything. I couldn’t help but think that perhaps some of us we born with a propensity toward character traits that propel us to whatever-we-define-as-success.
Think about it. Between person A and person B, all things being equal, what if one of them had a greater inclination toward hard work?

And if the person with the inclination did achieve whatever-we-define-as-success (if you’re wondering why this odd hyphenated mess of words, it’s because I think success can mean vastly different things to everyone), would that not mean that he or she was “born” with an important trait for success?

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