Back. And as a Married Man.

It feels like ages since I last wrote here. And I suppose that feeling’s justified since it HAS been ages (almost a month!) Which is about as long as I haven’t gone out for a nice, good run. And which reminds me, I haven’t had a long run (anything over an hour) since my marathon last December (my, that’s an even longer ages ago…)

Donn and Li Shya at their wedding solemnisationSo, what have I been up to these past few weeks that I haven’t had time for updating Well, nothing much really. Only that I’ve been getting married (picture of me and Lix on the left — taken by our unofficial photographer Mr. Wei Hao Lee)! Yup, you heard that right, yours truly is now married (cue ambivalent music — happy tones 
for the joy of marriage, sad tones now that there’s one less very eligible bachelor out there).

Now that I’m free from the clutches of wedding-preps, does it mean that I’m now a free-and-easy-light-as-a-feather-chilled-to-the-max me? I wish. I’m back to work, grinding out not-so-personal projects that, let’s just say, will make me a stronger person. If I survive.

I probably will survive, even if just barely. Even if I’m so often at the brink of breaking down and crying like a two-year-old who just had his iPhone taken away one moment from setting an age-group high score. Just like many things in life, these projects are conse-inconsequential, quasi-consequential pieces of work that if work out great might bring me to places I’ve only dreamed about, but if fail will turn out to be just another chink in the flesh (sadly I ain’t got no armour), which will eventually heal back calloused and stronger than before.

Anyways, here’s a little shout-out for all who know me and who saw me in my somewhat-silly-looking-in-my-modern-mindset marriage garb, thanks for attending our wedding, Lix and I really appreciate you having made your way down (Perth, KL, all over Singapore — jeez, I’d have called in sick if I were you). I’ll post pictures of the wedding and our faux honeymoon to Bali (faux by virtue of its being too cheap and close to Singapore, according to the wife) as soon as they’re available and my projects let up a bit.

Until then, may you have a blessed life ahead. (I’m not typically religious, but I love how religion makes signing off so simple and sweet.)

As a bonus, here’s a poem I’d considered giving during my thank you speech but didn’t, for fear it’d be too difficult to comprehend over the noise and sheer bustle of the occasion.

…And finally, I’d like to thank Lix for being…

The yin to my yang,
The front to my back,
The left to my right,
The PC to my Mac.

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