What is edonn.com really about?

Sometimes I wonder what edonn.com’s really all about.

On the one hand I’m always longing for greater readership, hoping that perhaps one day there’ll be so many people coming to this website that I’ll be famous and, banking on that fame become really wealthy.

On the other hand, edonn.com’s such a personal space that if anything DOES make me famous it’s probably not going to be anything good.

I suppose if I’m going to go the fame and wealth way I could transform edonn.com into something actually USEFUL for people. But I’m going to keep it semi-personal though. I love the fact that though there really aren’t that many people who visit my site, there are enough to think that some people I care about do visit it (there’s a chance; a small chance, but a chance nonetheless).

I often write things I wouldn’t quite know how to express in person. Things like love-related poems or prose, too mushy and tinge-worthy for real life, work especially well in bits and bytes. Or work-related frustrations that could be too raw for Facebook, but be perfectly ambivalent enough for a blog, by virtue of it’s being less personal.

One of the great things about writing in a place like edonn.com is that I don’t get so many visitors that I’d be wary to post anything too controversial (like how if I wrote erm, “vote for the Worker’s Party in Singapore as it’s the best party there is, really happenin’ and groovin’” I wouldn’t get labeled a political blog and get shut down), but enough that if I wrote “I really appreciate all of you who came to our wedding” I could feel good in the fact that there’s a possibility that someone who came to my wedding would actually read it.

And yes, thank you.

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