Burnout? Sure feels like it.

It’s been almost two weeks since I last wrote anything here. Life’s been busy, crazily so. Wedding preparations and work commitments have been overwhelming, and it seems that just as I’ve completed one task another two pop up in its place.

In a way, I enjoy being this busy. I love having lots to do; makes me feel productive, useful. But I’m starting to get a subtle sense of burnout creeping in.

Perhaps the most obvious sign of burnout has been my failure in successfully reintroducing running into my life after the disastrous marathon last December. Having been running relatively regularly for the better half of last year, this sudden drop in mileage (and not for lack of trying) has raised some flags. My runs are considerably shorter (though not necessarily slower), with fatigue setting in much earlier than usual.

Just last night I tried running my (pre-marathon) usual medium-distance run of about 7km, something I usually cover in about 35 minutes. I managed to run for 35 minutes, but ended up at least a kilometer short, and totally spent, too. It was a sad, sobbering moment, and I knew my body was performing far below it’s peak.

There’s nothing else to do right now except to hope that things start picking up after I sneak in some rest, a commodity currently in very short supply.

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