The Forgiving Church

The first half of today (the 24th of December) was very stressful; spent in camp, I was wondering practically every minute I if I was to book out today or not. Any mistake I made would have meant that I stayed back either today or tomorrow (Christmas! can you believe that? Duty on Christmas!) to do “regimental guard duty”, which basically means walking around the island of Tekong (a very tiny island where my camp is located), pretending to be on the lookout for suspicious characters.

Thankfully the day went well, nothing happened, and I managed to make it to midnight mass at my Church (the Nativity Church), something I promised God I’d do if I booked out today…

Of course, like most guys my age, my purpose of going to church wasn’t purely theological. I must admit the influence of meeting (or at least, looking at) the fairer sex was stronger than God would have liked.

Having arrived late for midnight mass, though technically early, we (my mom, my bro and I) had to stand outside the main church building.

It was a wonderfully cool and windy night. As I stood outside, feeling the wind on my face made me close my eyes and imagine myself far away. As the choir sang, I imagined they were singing for me as I stood atop a cliff, surrounded by nature, absorbing calm and peace.

I knew for at least the hour while the mass lasted, I was protected. I felt immortal. Whatever wrongs I had done, the church would forgive. I was not to be punished, but to be blessed and loved. It was a feeling I missed for so long…

To everyone out there, have a Merry, Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho!

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