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Thinking About Life

Maybe it’s do with the weather of late – cool, dreary, wet; or maybe it’s to do  the long runs I’ve been doing – lonely, peaceful, contemplative. Whatever it was, I’ve been thinking about life – about how it has been; about how it is now; and about how it […]

Be the Best You Can Be!

I was recently reading a personal development blog when I recalled the days not too long ago that I, too, had wanted to start my own personal development blog. Back then, I had wanted to be something along the lines of a “life coach” to people; I’d envisioned that I’d […]

The Monkey Typewriter Fallacy

I recently read an article refuting the infinite monkey theorem: that if you have lots of monkeys hammering away on typewriters one of them will eventually reproduce one of Shakespeare’s sonnets through pure chance alone. What the author was really refuting was the theory of evolution (some writers having used […]

On Religious Lies

Today I came across a most persuasive argument for religion; and it came from a work of fiction by Kurt Vonnegut, in his book Cat’s Cradle: Anyone unable to understand how a useful religion can be founded on lies will not understand this book either. So be it. Cat’s Cradle […]

Does Jesus Really Save?

Imagine that you are going through one of the hardest times of your life. Your performance at work is much to be desired, and your relationship with your loved ones appear to be going down the drain. You turn to drinking to ease your troubles, but this habit only serves […]

On Goodness

I have been fascinated with “goodness” from a young age. My younger days: 5 – 13 years My younger days (pre- to early-teens) were concerned with how goodness was necessary to ensure one didn’t go to hell. I remember taking a boat ride through “hell” at the now defunct Haw […]