Excuse me, how much is this?

It was lunchtime, and I was walking around Chinatown. Feeling thirsty, I decided to go get a drink.

After about five minutes of walking around, I found a shop selling some mineral water. I opened the fridge (which is located outside the shop) and took a bottle out, while a man looked on at me.

Cloaked Intent

Turning around, one hand holding the bottle, the other rummaging through my pockets for coins, I looked at him, smiled, and asked, “how much?”

He smiled back at me, and pointed inside the shop. I gave a nod and walked in, while wondering why he couldn’t accept the payment.

I payed at the counter where a couple of people were attending to some customers. Upon exiting the shop I passed by the man again who was still standing there, and who was by now grinning to himself.

The Revelation

About ten seconds away from the shop, I turned around and saw the man leaving the shop with the people I saw inside — the customers. He was talking to them animatedly, like he knew them personally… like he came with them and was waiting for them outside the shop!

Not my most embarassing moment ever, but it sure ranks pretty high.

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