Goodbye Winamp, Hello iTunes!

It’s been a long time coming. iTunes, the much revered Mac/Apple jukebox (MP3 organiser/player) program has been ported (brought over) to Windows! It’s been around for about a month now, and if you haven’t gotten it, get it!

If you have lots of MP3s, you’ll need it — especially if you’ve been a user of the fantastic little app that Winamp was. Winamp was great, but with the number of MP3s we all have these days, it really won’t do. I’m not a power-user (I don’t meddle with MP3 software), I’m more of an “install-and-use” user, and iTunes’ install-and-use features beat Winamp hands down.

Make the Switch

Do yourself a favour and try iTunes today. It’s freeware (you don’t have to pay a cent for it) and there are no ads (like Winamp, only better). Make the switch today!

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