An Eye For an Eye

Marteng and Jenning were great friends, until one fateful day.

That fateful day was the day of their honeymoon. It happened in the morning after, when both were exhausted. First, to the horror of most females, Marteng left the toilet seat up! Not only that, he even splattered a little bit of pee on the floor.

When Jenning went into the toilet she stepped on the pee. She was annoyed, but shrugged it off. Then, sleepily, she sat on the water closet with the toilet seat up! And as you can expect, things got messy.

Jenning stormed out of the toilet and confronted him. She took up a pair of scissors and poked his eye, immediately blinding him. He then took the scissors from her, and poked her eye, blinding her too.

Suddenly, she exploded! Boom!!!! — an extraordinarily bright light illuminated from her, so powerful that it could even go through walls! The light just went on and on, covering the whole earth. The bright light, quite naturally, blinded the whole world.

Moral of the story: An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind — Gandhi

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