Capitalism in the Long Run

Capitalism grows through consumerism.

To make the economy grow, we have to buy, and buy — to put money back into the economy.

To buy and buy, businesses have to make or create more and more.

From where do they get the raw materials to make what they make?

From nature. Or through chemical processess that kill nature. Landfills are filling up too quickly. Incineration plants throw waste into the atmosphere. Fossil fuels are depleting. We clear forests for small houses, big houses, factories, sky-scrapers or any other architectural miracle we can think of.

Capitalism — let the market decide. We are free now, free to make decisions — and yet, we as laymen, are we really the best people to make decisions? How many times have I seen consumers conned by psychological advertising. They buy things not because they need it, not because it’ll be useful, but because they think it’ll be that. They don’t do research, they don’t think about what they need — but they’re free to make decisions.

Is capitalism really good in the long run?

For those who want to know more about capitalism: It’s a general knowledge thing, for everyone who’s even just vaguely interested in politics and economic systems.

You decide if it’s for you. I find it doesn’t fit in on my own philosophy on life. I find that capitalism seems to give the illusion of freedom while really taking it away –or at least how it’s implemented currently. It sure seems a lot like everyman for himself.

You shoud also check out the essay discussing the having mode vs the being mode.

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