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The Three Birds

When one has the why, one will inevitably find the how.

Before deciding to learn how to do something, find out why you want to do it first. Then even when setbacks occur, one can carry on the good fight, and enjoy the spoils.

Teaching Today

I’ve always had a thing for technology. Loved it since I first started using the PC many years back. Back then, it was games, games and more games. Then I started playing around with the PC’s files, started movings things around and seeing what a PC could do. That progressed […]

Constant and Never-Ending Improvement

I don’t know if you know about this term, it’s from Anothony Robbins. CANI stands for Constant And Never-Ending Improvement. What is success? Is there an end to success? Well, in most books and articles I have read so far, success can be anything and everything! And often times it […]

Falling in love…and maturing?

I have had infatuations/crushes on many girls since a long time ago. It might also be called the act of falling in love. Now, looking back on those times, I am suddenly ashamed of those times. They seem so illogical… A few years ago I was totally smitten by a […]

A Love of Reading

If you haven’t started reading for leisure, it’s time to start! Reading is one of the most wonderful habits you can pick up, at any age. I almost regret not starting earlier, but I’m quickly making up for lost time!