What's Wrong With Suicide?

If the whole world commited suicide at the exact same moment, would there be anything wrong with that?

The wrong of suicide taken from a non-theistic sense would be that it is a “social problem”. Why is it a problem?

Conversations with a semi-suicidal pro-choice advocate

“There is no sense in suicide”

Some say that there is no sense in suicide: “Suicide is a meaningless act, so why do it?”

But if a person perceives life to be meaningless, then why live?

“Your body is not yours”

Some people argue that the body belongs to God or the state. If I don’t believe in God, that argument just goes down the drain. As for the state: just who is the state anyway? Am I not part of the state? If I’m part of the state, do I not get a say in what my body does?

“It is murder”

When you kill your body, you are murdering yourself. This brings up another moral issue: If I killed somebody, what would be wrong with that? I take away his freedom of choice that’s what. I refuse him the opportunity to live. If I murder myself, what do I take away? My freedom of choice to live?

“It’s a selfish act”

Yes, suicide is selfish. You refuse your body to other people who liked you better alive. Family, friends, relatives — generally people who liked you; but does this mean anyone who doesn’t have friends or family is not discouraged from taking his/her own life?

If I continue living, and suffering endlessly and needlessly, are not the ones who want me alive the selfish ones?

“Life is better than death”

And blue is better than red. Some people intuitively believe that death is all this “badness”, while life is somehow inherently “good”.

Life is good, but it can also be bad. The same thing with death: it can be bad, but it also can be good.

“If everybody thought like you, there’d be no world”

If everybody thought like me, there wouldn’t be this debate. People will make their own choices, and others will respect those choices.

If you know that killing yourself won’t affect anyone, I say go ahead. Only thing is, all of us seem to know at least someone whom actually cares about us — even when it seems like nobody really does.

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