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Parking against the traffic flow

I was just leafing through some of my old receipts when I came across a parking fine from about a week ago. The offence? “Parking against traffic flow”. I was with Lix that day, and we had just finished our business with our bridal photography studio, picking out the photos […]

Flies in Urinals – Truth or Fiction?

I saw the following image online many years ago (well, maybe a couple of years ago), showing how having “flies” in urinals (apparently in Amsterdam) helped ensure that toilet floors stayed clean: Well, apparently it is a fact. At least according to this source (, which verified that flies in […]

The Lost Pencil

Where’s my pencil?! Someone stole my pencil She screamed. Cursed thieves, stealing Her pencil, I thought To myself. Where is my PENCIL she asked Once more But only An empty silence Replied. Around she went, Searching for her lost Pencil. No one saw it, she Sighed. And I signed With […]

A Man (Cat) of Few Words

I’m writing this at 6.30 in the morning — I didn’t wake up on my own accord, but was woken by my cat’s quack (if you know my cat, you’ll know that he’s like a feline Tom Waits, and always sounds like he has had a little too much to […]

Office Camouflage

And the looking at her looking a little stressed, I sent the future missus a link to what I thought was a pretty funny video/gif on camouflaging in the office. Soon after I sent her the link, she said to me, “Ooh, office camouflage. I like do this! I like […]