Recording ideas through Evernote

EvernoteI’ve had my Samsung Galaxy S2 for a few months now, and I can’t believe that I’ve only started seriously using Evernote for idea-tracking this past week.

I’d actually downloaded this App early on in my Galaxy S2’s life, but after my phone died on me due to an unfortunate, let’s just say, “water accident”, and all my data was erased in the subsequent repair (by the way, well done Samsung. Very professionally and quickly done; no questions asked, too, though it’s probably due to the miracle of unmolested water damage indicators), I hadn’t quite thought about the need to reinstall it again.

So imagine my delight when I “rediscovered” Evernote when, out of boredom, I downloaded the app from the Android store. After signing in, I was brought to my account where, lo-and-behold, the address of a colleague who has since left my current company (and of which, to my great despair as I’d yet to send her my promised wedding invitation, I thought I’d lost) popped up. Backed up on the cloud, and I didn’t even know it!

Already won over, I started reading several other “notes” that I’d posted inside, and realised what gems they were — and to think if it weren’t for this nifty free app I’d have lost it forever; iif there ever were a verb that described a “beyond-won” state I’d use it now. I’ll admit it’s a primitive finding for those who’ve been using Evernote for forever, but for a new initiate like me, it’s amazing.

Bonus (sample gem I found in my Evernote account):

I don’t know why but I’m feeling blue and have been feeling blue for quite a while now. By this I mean that life doesn’t quite feel like the rainbow coloured silken plushie that it sometimes feels like when one is on the top of the world. But it doesn’t feel particularly bad either (like end-of-the-world bad).

What it is, is a peculiar mixture of apathy, lethargy, and longing for a better life. The first two are, as far as I know, symptoms of depression. A mild case maybe but symptoms nevertheless. The last one’s a symptom of an inbuilt propensity to always think that things can and should be better: Optimism.

The first time I re-read this I just had to smile because it was just oh-so-true. It’s probably the perfect summary of what my life has been up till now: a curious mixture of mild depression and optimism.

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