Running’s Back. With a Vengeance.

Much like an echoey scream in its third or fourth reverb, you couldn’t tell where the thought came from: I’m going to run a marathon this year in my best time yet (not too hard, considering my previous best was over five hours) and I’m going to get my IPPT gold this July (a little harder, considering it’s been almost five years since my last).

And though at that time I must admit I was thinking yeah right, I surprised myself by actually doing something about it. I started reading running literature, got myself some new shoes (the army standard NB and my trusty ‘ol Asics), and a GPS watch that I absolutely adore. With a get-up-at-dawn-on-Sunday for a long run attitude and a get-up-at-god-forsaken-5am-on-workday for interval training madness, I think that perhaps I might just be able to pull it off this year.

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