Just the other day on my way home I happened to look up at the sky and saw this beautiful orange hue. I stopped and looked at it for a while, reminded of the great expanses of unadulterated horizons I used to see so often in Perth.

Morning sunrise @ Labrador Park, Singapore

A gentle breeze flew by me; and though at first I thought nothing of it, a second later I was hit by the realisation I’d never felt this breeze before even though I’d walked this route for years. I’d always hurried home, perhaps hungry, almost always tired, looking for respite from wherever I’d been. It’s almost as if life itself offends me in some small little way no matter what it does.

But this, this beautiful sky, gave me pause. Perhaps life wasn’t worth living, but this very moment, as I stared out into the vast emptiness at stars I couldn’t yet see, it certainly was. And, I suppose, that’s all that really mattered.


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