Off to Albany, and Beyond

I will be going to Albany tomorrow for a road trip with the girlfriend. It will be the second time I am going there; the first time I was there was incidentally almost exactly one year ago, though along with the girlfriend (who wasn’t my girlfriend, yet) was Athena and Wei Hao, both of whom will not be joining us this time around.

Another difference is that we’re not going in a rented car, but rather in our trusty golden Toyota Echo.

The Golden Car
The Golden Car
Newly serviced and armed with a GPS unit gotten from the lovely Josephine, the car’s raring to go.

Final Days in Perth

On a separate note, I’ve now completed my degree! Barring any serious mishaps, I should be a graduate in a little over two weeks, after the exam results are out.

These last few days have been beautifully bittersweet. I’m looking at things as if it’s the last time I’m seeing them; perhaps especially sad have been the people. I just had a run with Wei Hao the other day, and though we hadn’t run in Kings Park together for so long already, it felt as if we had been doing this forever. And perhaps for posterity’s sake, I should note we did a very credible 22 minute run up, not too far off our personal bests.

Now I’ve got to look forward to working!

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