The High Cost of Living

There is an interesting article on how American companies are increasingly finding that they are not as recession-proof as they thought they once were, including those in industries like cigarettes, gambling, and entertainment that were once considered so. But perhaps this is the time where over-inflated prices of life’s non-necessities start coming down.

According to the article,

[Strategic Resource Group managing director Flickinger] thinks the companies behind those sectors share some of the blame, because they aggressively pushed up prices for everything from movie tickets to premium television during the good times. That, in turn, is making it harder for some Americans to justify an increasingly premium TV package, or night at the movies, in downtimes.

And I have to agree. Though you cannot entirely fault these companies — they respond to demand and supply — it is about time they started reviewing their pricing structure and starting looking at creating some real value. For too long prices have gone up without any real value being added, and because these increases been relatively gradual it has gone unnoticed.

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