I am now on Ubuntu

I’m currently running Ubuntu, a distribution of the Linux operating system (OS). I must say that I have fallen in love with it, and am using it for almost all my daily needs. I had never thought of switching to Linux until recently, when I read about that Linux was getting increasingly popular with businesses (old news to many). With the economy not doing particularly well, my take on this is that within the next couple of years many, many more organisations will be turning to Linux as a cheaper OS alternative.

I have been a very happy Mac OS X user for the past six years. I have had two Apple computers, with my first being an eMac I got at a computer fair in 2002, and the second being a refurbished MacBook I bought online in 2006, just a few months before I started University. Both times I have been extremely satisfied, delighted even. But as mentioned earlier, the economy’s not in the best state right now, and I’m a little reticent to spend more than $1,500 on my next computer (which I have decided will be a desktop). The arbitrary $1,500 limit I have set effectively rules out the iMac.

Oh, and seeing the very cool wobbly windows on Ubuntu made me decide then and there that that’s where my future was.

And that’s why I have gone Linux.

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