I went for Prosh a couple of days ago. Prosh is a annual charity event held by UWA where student volunteers go around dressed up in costumes selling satirical newspapers for token sums.

My costume was the toga, which was based on the theme my hostel (Currie Hall) decided upon (actually, it the theme was “Gods and Goddesses”, but don’t they all dress in togas anyway? heh). Most of us guys made our togas out of bedsheets.

I had never worn a costume for a public event before, so I was a little apprehensive. But after a while I got used to it, and wearing the toga actually felt really comfortable (like lying on my bed, haha).

Party like it was 1999

The day started really early. Breakfast was at 4:30 in the morning at the hostel, and we set off toward the main campus at about 5:00 or so.

When we got there, it was totally rocking. People everywhere were dressed in their costumes and looking really weird/sexy/funny/scary/cool/f***ed (depends on the costume really).

There were the teenage mutant ninja turtles, bananas in pajamas, whores (the male ones were the best), bottles of beer, a jar of marmite, and a ton of other funky costumes.

While waiting for the chartered buses to get us to various places (Femantle, Perth City and Subiaco), people were dancing to the blasting music, running around stealing other people’s newspapers, and getting really, really drunk.

At about 8:00 we managed to get to Perth City, having missed all the chartered buses due to the excessive demand. We took public transport. My friend and I went down to Harbourtown to sell our papers.

In the beginning, selling was really difficult. We didn’t know who to approach or where to go. Then we sort of warmed up, and the rest of the time selling was a breeze.

The Proshession

At 11:00 we headed to Perth City again for the “Proshession”, where our “floats” (trucks with all of us on it) slowly made its way through the city. My friend and I actually didn’t belong to any of the floats.

But looking around, we found that the law faculty were wearing togas as well (each faculty has their own Prosh “theme”). We crashed their float and almost looked like we fitted right in (besides the fact that we were the only two Asians!)

The Conclusion the the Climax

The concluding activities included more dancing, speeches, and some skits. One of the skits really ended the day on a high (at least from a student’s perspective).

In that skit (a dancing thing), two of the guys stripped off all their clothes. The music blasting away in the background, one of them started stripping and then suddenly ran after the emcee. The other stripped while the chase was going on, to the cheers (and jeers) of the audience.

When the music stopped, the second guy was just about to grab his clothes and walk back when a policeman and policewoman on bikes cycled up and brought him to the side for questioning. Most of us wondered if that was part of the skit, but hell, those two were REAL.

That just made my day.

I’ll post some pictures up later on, as soon as I manage to get them from my friend.


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