Going Fishing

I once saw a pretty butterfly,
She was flying here and there,
Flirting with every flower she met,
She was flying without a care.

I held in my hand a butterfly net
All prepared to catch her in;
But in the battle of net vs. butterfly,
*Sigh* — the butterfly did win.

I went home a dejected man,
A very sad man was I;
To my best friend I consulted,
To my best friend did I cry.

He told me to hold myself together
“There are plenty of fish in the sea.”
I told him he didn’t understand,
Saying, “You are you, and I am me.”

He told me I just had to believe,
Believe that that butterfly was nothing.
Passing me his favourite rod
He told me to go out fishing.

Reluctantly to the streets I went,
Armed with a fishing rod and hook,
And it was simply like he said —
Fishes were everywhere I looked!

(But a fishing rod?)

I had an idea and went back home,
And on e-bay did I find:
The greatest thing that money
Could buy, it simply blew my mind!

You might wonder to yourself:
What might that great thing be?
What would I buy if I were Donn,
What would he buy if he were me?

Well, there it was for a hundred grand:
The original Horn E. Ole Goat.
With a click of the finger and a grin on my face,
I got me a commercial fishing boat!

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