Chapter 1: The Train Station

I’ve decided that what I will do is post a snippet, a paragraph or two, of the text, so you can get the rough idea, instead of post the whole story verbatim. I’ll also post updates on the number of words I’ve written.

As of now, it’s at 1,110. Just another 48,890!

“Get off here, get off here, get off here,” prayed Dresden, hoping to high heaven that the girl would get off at Hougang Station. And she did!

“Thank you God!” exclaimed Dresden, apparently a little too loud. Some people stared and walked quickly away from him (“mummy, that man’s talking to himself. I’m scared.” “Coward,” thought Dresden).

The girl, too, had heard him; she looked at him a little too long as he caught her glance. He wondered what on earth she was staring at, though knowing full well it was at his idiocy.

He turned red.

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