On Road Rage (and Anything Unpleasant)

Taken from Neuro-linguistic Programming for Dummies, by Romilla Ready and Kate Burton, on road rage:

Instead of accessing all your best rude words and gestures, think instead about the sun collapsing into a planetary nebula in about 5 billion years’ time when all this angst will be completely pointless — and give yourself a quiet little smile and enjoy your life.

2006 is Here

And so 2005 is gone, and 2006 arrives.

The highlight of 2005 for me was my trip to Taiwan, for overseas military training. Other than that, it has been largely forgettable, with nothing much else to report.

I hope your year has been more eventful, in a positive sense of course.

Romantic Love, Where Art Thou?

One thing that has been bugging me throughout 2005 was the lack of romance in my life. Being in the army poses a somewhat big challenge on the social front: I haven’t met a new girl (save for those in the army, of which numbers are terribly pathetic) in a year.

There are, of course, opportunities to meet girls — I’m not saying that are none — but the challenge for me is to meet good girls.

“Good?” I hear you ask.

Yes, good.

Jeweller for Diamonds, Canteen for Food

Now, allow me to present to you this hypothetical scenario: Imagine that you’re looking for a vegetarian girlfriend.

Chances are you won’t find her at McDonald’s or Kentucky Fried Chicken, or at a butcher buying meat.

You’d probably find her at a vegetarian society meeting (90% chance of finding her there), or at a vegetarian restaurant (chances are low, but definitely higher than at eateries that serve only meaty dishes).

In short, you go to a jeweller for diamond rings, and a canteen for food. Different places serve different things.

Again, the opportunities to meet girls at bars or clubs are high. Many singles go to these places to mix around, meet new friends and potential partners.

I like girls who like books. But one who goes to libraries and bookstores typically doesn’t have the mindset of going to these places to mix around, meet new friends and potential partners.

Sure, I can meet new girls, but what kind of girls?

How does one meet the introverted, intellectual type of girl, who isn’t very keen on socialising with other people unless necessary?

You can’t. Unless she is forced to go out, you can’t.

How does one meet these kind of girls who are forced to go out? School…

University to be precise.

And that is why I can’t wait to get out of the army, and start my education again. For that is where I shall start finding the good girls.

Have a happy 2006 everyone!

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