Standard Chartered Half Marathon

I shall be going for the Standard Chartered Half Marathon tomorrow, my second Standard Chartered event in three years (the previous in 2003), and my third half marathon in three (the other being the Army Half Marathon back in September this year).

My running number is 12793, and I’ll be wearing a blue adidas running shirt and black army running shorts. Do say “hi” to me (especially if you’re a girl) if you see me!

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  1. Hi,
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    We are having a member event for members to meet other members from all over the US on January 30th down in Florida at the weekend event of ING Miami Marathon and Half Marathon for those club members that can make it. And then we will be holding an annual event and give out awards annually in a different state every year.

    Check the site out and hope too have you as a new member soon!

    Nicole Blomgren
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