Singaporean Kamikaze

Three men were charged under the Sedition Act with making racist comments on the Internet in Singapore last week.

I just can’t help thinking, perhaps these people wanted to get caught. Maybe they were willing to go to jail, if that meant that more people would read what they wrote.

Like suicide bombers, or Japanese Kamikaze pilots, these people were willing to crash and burn if it achieved their objectives — in this case, spread the message of hate.

And guess what? We helped them.

One thought on “Singaporean Kamikaze

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  1. in a sense… many had ‘died’ for their beliefs… even if they still walk the earth… some had been disowned… dead to their families.

    others had decided to dedicate their lives, to take a chance to do something that they believe worthwhile… forsaking other areas or wants in their lives…

    doing something which resulted in them not being able to step into their homeland again, or imprisoned in their own homes, like Aun Sang Suu Ki?

    i guess… in programming speek, it’s like

    where value of life is less important than cause;
    die for cause;
    bear with it;

    in a sense… it is human to ‘die’ for your beliefs. no?

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