Girls Are Like Fruits

I love to think about love. Like any hot-blooded male, I am constantly on the lookout for girls whose beauty exceed the norm (in mathematical terms, not the mean, but the median).

Girls, like fruits, come in all shapes and sizes, colours, and flavours. One cannot look at one girl, then another, and then start comparing them. That would be akin to comparing apples to oranges.

The human mind works in strange ways, especially when it comes to fruits. Asked which fruit one preferred, between apples and oranges, one might choose apples. Between apples and grapes, one might choose grapes. But when asked if one preferred grapes or oranges, though logic says grapes, one might say oranges.

Logic, when applied to the human mind, has a long way to go.

The Skinny on Full-bodied Girls

Some girls are as thin as Donald Trump’s hair; while some, let’s just say, require two tickets to sit on planes. Either way, each has their supporters and detractors. Again, apples and oranges, or perhaps in this case, carrots and cabbages.

Instinctively, one is able to tell if a woman looks good or not. When I see a girl who looks good, I ask myself, “makes good girlfriend, or wife, or both?”, just for the fun of it. They look good, but in different ways. I tend to think of beauty two ways: as beautiful as a Porsche; and as beautiful as a sunset.

“She’s a Porsche,” I wonder to myself, if she’s good girlfriend material.

“She’s a Sunset,” I wonder to myself, if she’s good wife material.

If she’s both, she’s like a Porsche driving down a lonely road through the mountains, at sunset.

Today I saw quite a few pretty girls, but all pretty in distinctively different ways. Looking back into my past, I realised that I’ve been infatuated (when is love real love until death confirms it anyway?) with such a diverse group of girls, you’d think I was looking to date a jury.

Tall, short, thin, chubby, Chinese, Malay, mixed race, speaks English, speaks Mandarin, quiet, extroverted, loves reading, hates reading, loves sports, hates sports etc,.

I then imagined these girls holding my hand, and walking down the street with me. I imagined myself as one of the people along the street (but, not me, doh), looking at me, and this girl. What would I be thinking? “They look perfect together,” or “what’s she/he doing with her/him?”, or “that’s an odd couple”.

I’ve never quite managed to imagine myself matching perfectly with any girl. I don’t have trouble thinking about girls falling in love with me, but I do have trouble thinking that one day, it might turn out to be true!

I am uber-curious as to how my girlfriend/wife would look like. Each time I think of how she’d look like, and picture us together, I start thinking of durians with carrots — “how odd they look!”

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