Increasing Readership with Hot Coffee

I love Don’t ask me why, but I do. I am also proud of it, though due to the rather personal nature of some of my posts I’d rather not let anyone close to me (family and close friends) read my posts — still, I don’t actively stop them from viewing anything. I just let it be — if they find out about my having a website where I publish my writings, and wish to read my posts, so be it.

I do, however, get a real kick when strangers visit my site. I log visits to my site; I know approximately (a very rough estimate really) how many people visit my site each day. And when there is a general increase in such visits, I feel as if the value of my site has increased — like stocks or shares of a company.

Recently I read in Digital Life, a supplementary paper that comes free with The Straits Times, about a blog convention held in Singapore. Apparently it allowed “curious readers” to find out who “the face behind the blog” was.

The article created another curious reader. I was curious… …why wasn’t I invited?

Hot Searches

Anyway, as a sidenote to that main article, it also talked about how blogs that had written on the recent NKF scandal got immense readership, due to the interest this scandal had generated.

I thus had this bright idea on how I might increase readership of my blog, and perhaps break into the “bloggers convention” club.

Maybe, if I write about popular topics, things that people search for, readership of my website would rise.

Immediately my mind asked, “What are people searching for?”

Ho ho, look no further:

  1. Google Zeitgeist
  2. Yahoo! Buzz Index

Man, this was too easy. Write about the popular stuff, and people will flock to your site; easy as pie!

Nah, who am I kidding? It was more like easy as pi. Writing about popular stuff isn’t my forte; I hate the masses, as much as I love them. I hate writing for the masses, while secretly harbouring the wish that they would read my writings — the perfect relationship I’d say.

Anyway, after I decided I wouldn’t pursue my “writing about popular topics” plan, I had a little fun and went through the list of popular searches. I saw this term called “Hot Coffee”.

Now, I love my cuppa — if I go without my cup of joe, I get headaches; and if left untreated, I spread it to those around me. But I found it strange that people might actually search for Hot Coffee… I mean, what’s up with that?

Not Your Average Cup of Joe

Then I checked out the top news stories in Yahoo!, and it seems “Hot Coffee” is not your average cup of joe. It had more to do with hidden sex scenes(!) in the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

I guess you want to find out more about this coffee, ya? Read the full story on Yahoo!; but before you click that link, note that the article is pretty long, and you might want to make yourself a nice hot cup of coffee before reading it! Happy sipping!

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