A Love Poem

It was a class outing,
One I didn’t really want to go.
A lazy pig I was,
I simply didn’t want to show.

I hated gatherings like these,
Where one had to force a smile.
Superficiality —
It simply wasn’t my style.

I do not remember much,
That day seemed like a blur;
Except for that special time,
When I kicked a ball around with her.

“Are you ambidextrous?” she asked,
After I kicked it with my left;
But I hesitated to reply,
And pretended to be deaf.

[You see, I didn’t know what it meant,
And was too embarrassed to ask;
If I asked her for its meaning,
At me would she not have laughed?]

“You can kick with both feet?” she continued,
And I thus had it understood.
What she meant to say was that
My footy was really pretty good!

“Yeah, sort of,” I replied,
Being the humble little me,
And kicked the ball back to her,
So my ambi-skills she could see.

I never thought I’d fall in love,
And definitely not that night;
But fall in love I did,
And it never felt so right.

Further Reading

As with many poems, a little background on the author’s background can help in its understanding. I highly recommend you read one of my later posts, The Vacuum in My Heart to fully grasp the meaning behind this poem.

4 thoughts on “A Love Poem

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  1. Okay, say what you will, but I, on reading this poem I wrote, think that it is rather sweet. Perhaps if you were the girl this poem was written about it would be even sweeter (if you can still tolerate me)!

    Alas, even if she hates me now, or even worse, feels indifferently towards me, she played a huge part in making the year 2001/2002 so special to me, so much so that I consciously believe it to be the highlight of my so far young life.

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