This website has served its purpose

I believe that this website,, has to take a different direction. I’ve attempted several styles of writing since I started it (July 2003), each one, I believe, quite different from the rest — what styles I have used I shall not discuss, for fear of exposing some rather embarrassing failures in implementing them.

Serving my National Service in the army has changed my life tremendously, the difference of life now and life six months ago is more than night and day. Six months ago, I had more free time than I had ever had; free time is now as hard to come by as water in the Sahara. served as something I could work on to pass the time — my disposition to avoid looking for a proper job/work meant I had loads of time to do anything I wanted. What I wanted was to do nothing, but doing nothing was harder than I thought, so I did the next best thing — do something I enjoy which might pass off as work; thus came about my developing’s software, as well as doing research for my articles.

Then came my enlistment. Suddenly turned from boon to bane; I dreaded updating my website, yet felt like I ought to. The dread really came from thinking of things to write that would “fit” into the style of writing I had adopted.

That style was of a more formal, well-researched (or at least I would like you to think of them as that), objective style. This though creates great headaches. It’s hard to think of anything else but the army, and every article I write, I guarantee, will contain something about it.

As such, I’ll start (officially) much more ‘blogging’ now, as opposed to ‘writing’!

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