What on Earth is Ezed?

Give me a break already. It’s Easy, not Ezed.

When you’re brought up on International English (British), and not American English, you’ll have learnt that the letter “Z” is pronounced zed and not zee.

Question: When there’s an “E” in front of a “Z”, what sound does the letter “Z” give?
EZ, it’s “easy”.

Apparently, there are countless people whom I know who still go “Ezed”, as in eee-zed, and you’re possibly one of them.

Sure, you might argue that since you’re brought up with International English, EZ should be pronounced like E-Z or “Ezed”. But what does “Ezed” mean? EZ used in this way would be silly, as “Ezed” is a nonsense word. Just take it from me, everytime you see the letters EZ together, chances are it’s an abbreviation (short-form) for the word “easy”.

Freedom Fries?
Anti-American? That’s just too bad. Saying Ezed will make you seem childish instead. Take for example when the Americans renamed their “French fries” to “Freedom fries”. They were trying to prove a point, but ended up making themselve look silly. So come on, say it with me, EZ is easy!

I wrote this mainly because of the countless number of people in my office who keep calling the “SIA EzHolidays” the “SIA Ezed Holidays”. Not that I want to judge, but it just sounds, *cough*, stupid. And of course, the “EZlink” card we have in Singapore, these same people call it the “Ezed Link”.

If you’ve made that mistake before, the world forgives you — just don’t make it again.

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  1. Hi, I like your blog and came across it as I’m learning Mandarin. Music is the universal language so I’m sure I speak for many in saying you ‘ve done such a great job on making The Moon Reflects my Heart accessible. Might I trouble you to do the same for Qíshí Nĭ Bù Dŏng Wŏ De Xin by Angus Tung. Such a lilting melody I can’t get it out of my head. We’d be eternally grateful. For you that would be EZ, or should that be Ezed? 🙂

    Chris in Hong Kong

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