It’s Just Business!

I was in the toilet releasing tension in my bowels when something occurred to me. The absurdity of, to put it crudely, shitting. What a taboo subject. No one wants to talk about shitting. You go to the toilet “to do big business”, “to let go”, “to answer nature’s call”. Nice phrases given to a very crude subject.

When one sees a boss, a teacher, a respected one, an elder or almost anyone for that matter, one often forgets just how human they are. When you think Bill Gates, it’s absurdly difficult to picture him having to go the toilet like everyone else. In the computer world, he’s God (or Satan, depending on where you’re coming from), and therefore doesn’t have bowels!

If you see the Pope, you will also forget it. Or Michael Schumacher. Or Tiger Woods. Or Osama bin Laden. Or George W. Bush. Or David Beckham. Or Brad Pitt. Or Jennifer Aniston. They’re human too!

I was reading this book “The Art of Travel”, very good book I might add (written by Alain de Botton), where the Author talks about this philosopher who made his toilet exploits publicly known. He talks about the importance of this daily occurance, about how great it is, how essential it is for our health and well-being. Shitting’s great stuff!

How something so important could become so taboo puzzles me. Just because it’s smelly, looks bad, and downright disgusting doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be talked about. Without the process of shitting, we would grow into the things we let go!

I think it’s important we talk about it. Especially over meals, as it’s what goes in that comes out (therefore most appropriate). We should talk about how some vegetables that go through the digestion process still seem identifiable when out the other end, or perhaps how some foods like beans and cabbage make you pass gas, and from there it might lead to the quality of farts, how the louder ones seem to smell less awful than the “silent killers” etc.

It makes for a great conversational piece. So the next time you invite your friend over for dinner and you have no idea what to say, just start by talking about crap!

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