Hell On Earth

Ever wondered where we went to when we died? Ever thought about reincarnation? Ever thought of Heaven and Hell? How about Paradise? Well, if you put them all together, you actually come up with something pretty interesting.

Reincarnation comes from Buddhist belief, while the concepts of Heaven and Hell come from largely Christian belief, Paradise from Islam.

How can we reincarnate, land back on Earth, and still go to Heaven or Paradise or Hell? Ever heard of “the word is flesh”, or “you are what you think”, or “the truth is what you believe”? Well, that’s just about it.

Buddhist Teachings

Reach enlightenment, and you transcend suffering. You are still the same person, going through the same things, but your mental perceptions of them will not be the same. In effect, you’ll be living Heaven on earth, or enjoying Paradise on earth.

Ah, but who knows?

My, oh my. Who knows where we go? We won’t know even if we do a million good deeds where we’ll go, but who really cares anyway? You’ve got this life, live it! And of course, help others enjoy it too! Remember, every action that is done in this life will be echoed in eternity, so watch what you do! In other words, receive the good, enjoy the good, and give out the good.

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