Pointing at the Moon

Life can point the way for you, but it cannot show you what it needs you to see. A man pointing at the moon is not the same as the moon itself.

In Christianity, the Holy Bible is not the truth itself. It is the word of God, the message from God. People praise the Bible, say “oh what wonderful truths it holds”; they go to Church where there are statues of Jesus and the Saints (Catholicism), and pray to these statues. If a man points at the statue of Jesus and makes fun of it, many people in the Church get all upset. But what for? It is just a statue.

What something represents, is not the thing/person it is representing. The Bible represents the way, it is the finger pointing to the moon. It is not the moon itself. Just like all the Sutras written by Buddhas or anyone for that matter, they are not the way, they point the way, that’s all.

Historical truth of the Bible? Probably not to be taken literally. It doesn’t have to be true, it is merely the way to get there. If you’d watched the Matrix, the Oracle said that Neo wasn’t the one. The Oracle also said that only either Neo or Morpheus would survive, both did. She points the way, she doesn’t state the truth, not always.

Do not take representations too seriously, they are merely there to point the way.

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