Singapore hits a record high PSI

Singapore has been experiencing a terrible bout of haze lately, with record-setting PSI of 371 recorded earlier this afternoon. The haze had been, in the beginning, quite a welcome break from the dull monotony of everyday Singapore life.

I’d even followed PSI readings as closely as punters would the weekly 4D results.

But as it drags on, I must say that it’s starting to grate on my nerves. I haven’t had a nice, good run for days. And it’s sad when “getting some fresh air” involves hiding in air-conditioned rooms instead of going out.

Walking through the streets feels a little like walking through a nuclear fallout. The atmosphere’s a little heavier, and it feels a little like swimming through water-lite. People talk less (throats are more easily irritated) and visibility is nowhere close to 100%. It was fun for a while. No more.

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