I just had a dream that was unbelievably like the dreamscapes in the movie Inception (a great show, by the way). Unfortunately, other than the fact that I woke up thinking that it was much like the movie, I cannot remember many more details except:

  • I saw a woman handcuffing herself to a man (both of whom I believe were not the best looking)
  • I somehow had to get hairs off these small organisms, some of which looked like shrimps
  • To get the hairs off, I had to shave these organisms
  • I found someone who was actually selling(?) these de-haired organisms in large glass salad bowls, but the hairs looked more like their legs
  • I handcuffed myself to a man (I think it might have been the same dude from earlier); I actually didn’t do this at first. I had two handcuffs, one of which I handcuffed to my hand, and the other of which I handcuffed to his. Then I handcuffed both handcuffs together — why? I don’t know.
  • The handcuffs got tighter and tighter, and I went looking for help. Found a security guard (or some guy uniform) and asked him for help. Before I knew it, I was looking for hairs in salad bowls.

You’ll notice the chronology’s a bit off. In my dream things didn’t seem to make sense as they would in the real world. Time’s arrow just doesn’t work there as it does here — could it be just a figment of our imagination that time moves forward? An illusion wired into us? That we are both dead and alive at this very moment?

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