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Out of Words

I opened my journal
And to my dismay,
I realised I had run out
Of things to say.

Though laying stagnant
And appearing deep,
The mind has been running
With no thoughts to keep.

Like RAM in a computer
That when turned off, clears,
My mind keeps no memory of
Hopes, dreams, or fears.

I long to do something
But I do not know what
(feels like open doors beckoning,
But approaching, are shut.)

And therefore a poem
On do I write,
Hoping to bring to the
Mind some active respite.

Categories: Poems

Donn Lee

I love to read and write. Professionally, data science, technology, and sales ops are my thing. In my non-professional life, I aspire quite simply to be a good person, and encourage others to do the same. For those who care, I test as INFJ/INTJ (55/45?) in the MBTI.

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