Love Hurts

He looks out the window and sees her, packed bags and all, getting into the car. Tears well up in his eyes as he wonders if this is going to be the last time he is going to see her. He turns around and walks toward his desk.

Because he didn’t want her to see him in this state, he had avoided her for the past week or so, hoping to get used to life without her. He loved her, but never dared to tell her.

As he stands by his desk, he is overcome with guilt. “I should at least call her to say goodbye,” he thinks to himself.

Behind him in the distance, he hears the car door slam shut, the engine start, and the car backing out of the driveway. He picks up his phone and dials her number.

Her phone rings.

As he waits for her to pick her phone up, he hears the sound of a truck honking fervently. Then he hears a loud, thundering crash.

His ear, still pressed hard against the receiver next hears, “… is unavailable. Please leave a message after the beep…”

He stands, stunned. And decides to go to sleep.

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