On Beauty (and Dolphins)

Today while on our usual run along Swan River, Wei Hao and I came across the most beautiful sight, that of the diffused light of the rising sun, spreading itself into a majestic reddish-orange — like a phoenix.

But like all good things, it didn’t last long. By the time we went to have a sip of water, and made our way to the pier to fully absorb the splendid beauty of it, most of it had gone, edged out by the hard light of the sun.

Right after I commented how God must have taken away the colours when he realised we were going to sit and watch the beautiful sunrise, Wei Hao shouted, “Hey look! Dolphins!”

And there it was, bursting through the water, was a dolphin waving to the both of us in its own special way.

Another couple of peeks later, the dolphin disappeared.

It reminded me of how life was.

Beauty, like the magnificent reddish hue the sun provided us originally, fades quickly. For a moment it is there, and then, poof! it’s gone.

But fleeting as beauty may be, like the dolphins, it always comes back. Maybe not in its original form, but always in some form or another.

I just hope that when I fall in love it will be like that.

The proverbial honeymoon period always tastes sweet; but — like products from China — never lasts long. It is after that when a continuous renewal of shared joy is needed to keep the love alive. And may that happen to you and me.

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