Currie Hall's Good Riddance Dinner

Today we had a “farewell” dinner party for those who were leaving Currie Hall. I had quite a nice time, though I didn’t expect to. Today felt surprisingly nice right from the start. Somehow I just felt more comfortable being me, as if I didn’t have to put up pretences; but that meant… that I have not been myself all this while! that I have been putting up pretences! Well, perhaps.

A friend did a very nice thing for me today: he helped set me up with a girl! Well, it was really subtle, and it mightn’t be considered “setting up” in the strictest sense, but it was a very, very nice gesture nonetheless. I can’t go into the details for who knows who might be reading this, but heh, it was great.

May [his] God bless him. (and her.)

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