Chapter 6: Life as it was

A short chapter to conclude Book I. The next book will start getting interesting. We’ll start hearing the voices in Dresden’s head, see what made him do what he did. This is the entire chapter. Enjoy.

And so life was as it was before the two had met. He carried on his semi-reclusive lifestyle, while she continued being who she was.

Dresden had felt guilty about what he had done, but he was too ashamed to say sorry or anything close to apologetic. He wished that he could turn back time to before it was so difficult to say, “Hi, this is Dres.”

He occasionally had had dreams about her. Dreaming that he called her, and asked her out, and that they all lived happily ever after. But of course, he knew that these kinds of things only happened in the so-called fairy tales. But yet, deep down inside, he felt a kind of optimism that fairy tales were not always tales, but sometimes turned out to be true.

Ro on the other hand, didn’t really care that he was out of her life. At the start she did feel disappointed, hurt even. Her staking out at the library was something she had never done before. Perhaps this was a great case to be made for playing hard-to-get! But Dresden wasn’t playing, and he wasn’t hard-to-get but impossible-to-get.

The hurt Ro felt early on quickly dissipated into the days, and life continued more or less as usual for her. In a way, she didn’t feel like it was real. It was in fact more like a dream. She had absolutely no proof of his existence, and at times she did think that it was perhaps all a hallucination, a dream, a figment of her imagination.

She couldn’t describe it, but there was a bittersweet feeling whenever she thought about him. His mysteriousness was something she had never witnessed in any other guy before. Although she could be said to be over him for good, she has at times wished she had managed to find him, so that she could tie him up and probe him and find out who he really was.

But alas, it was not to be. Or was it? Only time would tell.

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