Dancing Girls

The music came on, and the emcee welcomed the three girls on stage. Who are they? I thought, not knowing who they were and what their performance was going to be about. They got on stage and started dancing to the music, in a haphazardly, unsynchronised manner, not unlike three individuals going on the dance floor just trying to have fun.

The three of them were wearing what looked like cheerleader uniforms. The one in the centre was even wearing a lace number underneath her short skirt of which she had no qualms lifting, how wonderful! Never having seen such a show live before, I was riveted, and curious as to what they might do next.

The dancing remained as such for quite a while, when suddenly they asked for audience participation. Three men, one for each girl, would be chosen. As to what for, they did not say.

Off the girls went, looking for volunteers, and when none being found, they grabbed whomever they fancied. The three members of the audience were led up to the front, and the three girls started dancing in front of them. The girls then took off the guy’s shirts, and the audience screamed in delight.

At this point, one of the guys, of whom I am an acquaintance of, looked like he was having the time of his death — I had hardly seen him so upset, or red, before. His face was the perfect juxtaposition of those around him.

But alas, he said and did nothing but look peeved, so the show continued. The show went on, in this manner, for quite a while yet. Over time, the uniforms of the girls were taken off too; but this being Singapore, their lacy underwear remained on. I believe that this show alone managed to justify the hefty price tag of admittance.

I, having made a covenant with my eyes not to look with lust at a girl, had to find some other way to amuse myself. Looking away, it wasn’t difficult to distract myself. I had never seen such a big group of people so engrossed in anything before. So many smiling faces, eyes fixed on the performance that you wouldn’t be surprised if a fire broke out and they all remained firmly seated where they were.

This was one occasion where you could dig your nose in public, in front of everybody, and not be afraid that somebody might see you.

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